YouthED was established in 2022 as a non-profit organisation that will generate funds and enable prospective learners to attain essential skills and/or academic qualifications. YouthED was founded by four female members who have a wealth of experience in education, learning and training. We realized the need to address the lack of resources for individuals and communities who wishes to improve their lives through education.

YouthED will operate in partnership with CTU Training Solutions. CTU Training Solutions is an award-winning private tertiary education provider and has been developing skilled professionals since 1987 with a footprint of 11 campuses nationwide. Funding and financial support for learners will therefore be channeled through the qualifications offered by CTU.

Our services are not only limited to funded education but will also include counselling services to prospective learners as career counselling services are not available to most.


YouthED is to provide resources to the youth of Southern Africa that will provide equal tertiary education opportunities for all who wish to empower themselves.


To make a difference through education and skills development. We want to empower young people with the possibility of a great future through education and the acquisition of skills and support them in achieving great feats..

Chief Executive Officer of CTU Training Solutions

Juanie Newby

I have been working in the education and training industry for more than fifteen years. I am comfortable with the recruitment processes for candidates from various fields ( IT, design, marketing or sales) I have a good understanding of IT terminologies and job profiles due to my previous recruitment, training and education experience. I was responsible for the strategic marketing direction of CTU Training Solutions for the past 15 years that included direct, traditional and digital marketing strategies. I was promoted in 2019 to the CEO.

Business Development Director at CTU Training Solutions

Bonita Brown

I have been in the training industry for over 10 years’ and now focus on national sales operations, projects and deliveries of CTU Training Solutions corporate division. My experience includes sales, people development, operations, project marketing, managing channel relationships and support. It is my passion to deliver services to both my organisation and our customers in an ethical manner aligned to our business objective of being a modern educational learning provider in the new digital age and training delivery partner of choice.

Group Academic Director at CTU Training Solutions

Erna Ferreira

Erna has been in the education sector for her entire career spanning 35 years. She started her career in the public education system and stayed for 17 years in various roles. Her first teaching job was in special education, working with young adults with special needs and learning disabilities. In 2002 she moved into the private education space. The private sector allowed her to grow her skills to include training, content development, quality assurance functions, coaching, mentoring, and consulting on skills development as a registered SDF. The education sector has empowered her to make a difference in people's lives.


Some familiar faces as part of our committee, to help further an organization’s mission and provide valuable benefits to boards of directors.